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Monday, June 7, 2010

Musings of a Yoga Teacher

I, as well as those that have supported the YIP initiative right from the start, are amaze at how our little group has grown.  I really want to thank you all for your support.  I am really happy that I get to teach you all, and share with you, what I hope is more than an hour an half workout.  I know I sound like a hippie, but I don't care, I am just really happy that there are people in the City that haven't lost the sense of community or have found one in YIP.  And the park, the park! I also hope that the exercises you are learning here on the weekends are helping you smile more often during the week ;-). 
I am  also amazed at the response from the Yoga teaching world.  Some of you (volunteer teachers) hike it up here all the way from Brooklyn, Lower East Side, and Queens to share your love and passion! If that's not Karma yoga, I don't know what is! (cause I live right in the neighborhood and still manage to be late to class).  I really encourage everyone that comes to YIP to take a moment and give the volunteer teachers feedback (look for list of YIP Teachers on right column of blog).  The testimonials of Yippers will go a long way as many of the volunteer teachers are just starting their journey as professional Yoga Instructors.

Lastly, if you have feedback on ways to improve on YIP or would like to get more involved with the initiative or have ideas of your own (for community service) send me an email ( I would love to hear from you! Currently YIP is looking for indoor space to keep the initiative going during the winter, if you know of a space (preferably donated) please let me know!

Peace and kindness to you all and I hope to see you this upcoming weekend. Namaste, om shanti shanti.

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