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Monday, June 7, 2010

Alexandra Corazza - Yogi of the Week

In this Yogi of The Week feature I will be attempting to sum up the complex being that is Alex Corazza, no easy task. She is a yoga enthusiast, photographer, world traveler, Inwood dweller, tea drinker, and…and…I could just go on forever so, lets just hear what she has to say about herself and her yoga practice, shall we? Alex, what is your favorite yoga pose? I don't have a favorite pose…I like to keep it least favorite is any [pose] that I have to hold for too long. What’s your take on yoga? The role yoga plays in my life is it keeps my challenges and goals in check. Encourages me to aim high but be real; to try and stay focused at the task at hand while dreaming big. Strengthen front of the body and the back and the sides. Keep the four corners of my feet spread wide and reeeaaach!!!
Alex is a freelance portrait and event photographer ( & who also believes that yoga has helped her gained the strength needed to carry heavy camera bags all over creation and maintain good posture and balance which helps her shooting technique. In her own words, Alex believes that “yoga as a philosophy helps me find beauty which is very important for photographers to do on command.”

So Alex, any photography tips for YIP? What’s our good angle, right, left, or should we just give up and go for panoramic?

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