YIP is now on Fall/Winter Hiatus.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

YIP @ Beloved Yogi Harlem starting November 2011

Dear Friends of YIP,
We have A LOT to be thankful for this November.  YIP has found a Winter home thanks to Beloved Yogi Harlem, a donation based Kundalini Yoga studio @ 145th Street and St. Nicholas.  That's just a 5 to 10 minute hop and stop away for us A train connoisseurs [or 20 minutes if you dare brave the cold in your bicycle].  Checkout the studio's website to get acquainted with the space, directions, and the other donation based classes being offered throughout the weekdays.  YIP classes begin next Sunday, November 6th at 10:30AM.

YIP @ Beloved Yogi Harlem
Sundays 10:30 am to 12:00pm
BYH Studio suggested donation $7 - $10

Friday, October 7, 2011

October 22nd Special Discounted Yoga Getaway!

Hi Yippers! I will be teaching a yoga class for Dynamic Outdoors on October 22nd (Saturday) on a beautiful (no...Gorgeous!) mountain top in Miniwaska State Park, NY.  Dynamic Outdoors has extended the discounted return member price to all my YIP friends, Yey! so you get all of what is described below for $65 instead of $79.  There are 10 spots left for October 22nd, So when purchasing on their website select the return member price option and mention my name to get the discount (I may have this in reverse order, probably makes more sense to email them first, mention my name and then you can select the return member discount when purchasing).....well friends, all I could say is that I've done this hike before and it is absolutely amazing, and to do yoga on the top of a mountain on a white stone edge overlooking a calm lake is, well...something you must experience if you have the opportunity.  All info below, if you can email me if you plan to come would be great.
Mountain Top Yoga and Light Hike
All Levels of experience welcome

Join us as we leave behind the busy buzzing of Manhattan and venture into the serene and beautiful wilderness to enjoy a day of hiking and yoga. We start with a 20 minute warm up hike to our mountaintop yoga spot, where we are greeted by calming views and a pleasant breeze.

Our 1hour and 30 minuntes yoga practice will include breathing exercises, flowing yoga postures, and seated stretching asanas. This practice will oxygenate your blood, tone your muscles, and release toxins from your joints. Benefits include increased self-confidence, happiness, and overall health. You will arise from the final sivasana feeling refreshed and relaxed.

From there, we hike to our lunch spot to nourish and refuel our bodies. After lunch, we ramble through green forests and open rock formations, stopping at the best scenic viewpoints for photo opportunities.

We will close our day with a post-hike cool down stretching session, and then celebratory refreshments and snacks. You will return to the city with a renewed sense of self and the energy to make your dreams a reality.

Meeting / Departure:
Departure Time: 8.00 am
Meeting: 3 convenient pick-up locations in Manhattan: 14th Street, UES, UWS
(New Jersey pick up upon request)
Return ca. 6.30 pm - depending on traffic

Cost: $65 to $79

Includes: r/t Transport, fully guided yoga session, water and some snacks for the way back
For you to bring: yoga mat, backpack, lunch, sandwiches, picnic, water... and good spirits !!
Hiking boots always recommended, sneakers ok...
Dress in layers, fleece, etc...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hot Yoga Cool Weather 

As I was reviewing the blog I realized that we don't really have posts about personal practices and thought it would be helpful to share some of our experiences for all who, specially now that YIP is on hiatus, are looking to keep up their yoga practice.  I guess I'll start if off with my own Fall yoga practice around Fort Tryon Park, this is something I like to do to keep my connection to my community and nature alive even through the cooler weather. My routine is simple: Hiking. I go for really active walks (you can run of course), do a once over loop around the Cloisters and then pause on the Great Lawn for 15-20 minutes of Yoga, by now my body is cozily warmed.  My yoga practice looks something like this:
5 Sun Salutation A (Mountain pose -> swan dive -> flat back -> forward fold -> low lounge -> down dog -> plank -> push up -> upward facing dog -> down dog (for 5 breaths) -> step to forward fold -> flat back -> reverse swan dive -> mountain pose -> And same routine again with the opposite leg going into low lounge.

The Sun A's bit usually takes me about 10 minutes to do and I shed a layer or two in the process.  But don't shed too much though because you can catch a cold this way, no matter how hot you get don't strip down to your t-shirt! You'll cool down soon enough.

After the Sun A's I conclude my practice with: Warrior 2 -> reverse warrior 2 -> triangle -> wide legged forward fold -> and now Warrior 2 on the other side --> reverse warrior 2 --> Triangle --> back to wide legged forward fold.
I like lingering in the forward fold and just beath into the goodness of just hanging out while my heart rate settles down. You can stop here, slowly rolling back up to stand, or if you are feeling very warm move on to the ground for a bridgepose.  I personally love ending my practice with an inversion, it just really grounds me (sounds weird doesn't, being grounded when you are upside down? but the thing is that being upside down for over 2 minutes actually begins to feel very calming; the entire fluid flow of the body slows down while working against gravity). 

For Headstand Try This: from wide legged forward fold open your legs even wider so that you can bring your hands and head to the floor.  Make sure you are making an equilateral triangle with your hands and head.  One good trick is to come to a flat back, making sure your hands are directly underneath your shoulders, then as you bend the elbows to bring the head to the floor, slide your hands back (don't lose their width of separation) to be almost underneath your legs. Now you are ready for tripod headstand, if you are just beginning with headstand practice, bend one leg and bring the knee to the back of the arm, maybe you can get both knees on your arms like this. Moving on, engage your core and see if you can squeeze the knees into your chest (as you do, they will come off the back of the arms and now it is your core strength holding you up).  From knees into the chest you can start playing around with extending the legs up.

Tip for more experienced headstanders: From legs wide position, engage the core and draw the knee caps up as you scissor the legs together into head stand.  To come down, open legs wide again and send your sitbone slightly beyond your shoulders as the feet aim for the same spot from which you lifted off (you might feel like you'll fall, but the weight of your legs in the opposite direction will keep you balanced).  

No matter how far you take this, you'll still be upside down and receiving the aweseome benefits! Then you can go home and settle into a nice cup of hot tea with milk and honey (that's my thing anyways).

Happy Fall and Have Fun!

If you would like to share your experience with how you stay connected to nature and your yoga practice in the cooler months send YIP an email with your story and a picture (optional) at