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Annie Foster

Annie has been practicing yoga for seven years. Initially coming into it on an off-and-on basis for a workout. She soon came to love the overall sense of peace and well being that came after the practice.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre - Directing/Dramatic Literature in 2007, Annie worked in the theatre and began practicing yoga with an increased sense of passion and purpose. In September 2009, she moved to New York City, went through the teacher training program at Sonic Yoga under Lauren Hanna (ERYT-500), Johanna Aldrich (RYT-500), and Will Duprey (ERYT-500), and is now pursuing yoga as a full time career in Manhattan and Queens.

In delving into the wonderful world of practicing and teaching yoga, Annie also became interested in the art of Thai Yoga Massage. She took an introductory workshop with renowned teacher Jyothi K. Watanabe and will begin the process of being a certified practitioner in May of 2010.

By drawing upon the discipline and creativity gained from her theatrical experience as well as a solid personal yoga practice and excellent yoga teacher training, Annie hopes to share the joys of yoga with everyone.



To learn more about Annie and inquire about her teaching schedule outside of YIP please visit her beautiful new website:

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  1. Annie,

    Thank you for the amazing class! you have a very nurturing spirit.