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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


If you've met me (Grisel) or signed the communal informational waiver, then you have probably discovered my pet peeve - wasting paper. I can't stand it! So am very frugal when it comes to making flyers and paper based stuff for YIP.  I've only printed out one batch of flyers (exactly 100 leaflets made out of 25 sheets of paper) since the start of YIP and I don't really see the need to print out more any time soon. Why? because you can help by passing on your flyer to someone new once you are done with it! Once you have subscribed to the listserv all of the information you need is on the weekly e-mail, the times and location of classes and the link to the YIP blog (this blog).  So why not help save a tree or two while at the same time helping to build the YIP community!

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