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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yoga Blogging

Personally, am not very good at the whole blogging thing (though I am getting the hang of it with YIP), but there are some talented bloggers that manage to create something that is both interesting and educating. I visited the blog of Joe Somodi (, a Yoga Instructor at Sonic Yoga on 50th Street and 9th Avenue and found a colorful, refreshing and personal account of how to apply Yoga to daily life.  Commiting to live your life by a certain code of conduct and moral requires both stubborness and flexibility, the first to push you forward and the second to forgive yourself when you fall back. The generous act of sharing experiences with others, as in blogging, can help those wishing to commit to something important in their life to recognize these qualities (stubborness and flexibility) in themselves by taking advantage of the natural human condition of "seeing yourself through another."

On another and more random note, but still related to generosity, I would like to extend a really BIG thank you to Sonic Yoga, its my alma mater yoga school.  You know those extra mats I wheel around so that you can borrow at YIP events? They were donated by Sonic. The entire school is made up of the most generous and supportive Yogis and Yoginis always willing to help and educate. T H A N K  Y O U ! ! !

Be generous to others, be generous to yourself. Share the experience here, on the YIP blog!



  1. I love Joe, such a great teacher and all around great guy! Thanks for sharing his blog info.

  2. Had a great yoga class with Courtney this morning. The class had a good vigorous flow but was not too intense. At least fifteen people came to practice today so it looks like the word is getting out there. Had a lovely conversation with folks after class about karma yoga, teaching, and keeping our yoga practice cool in the summer months. Thanks again Grisel!