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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Perfect Day for Yoga

Walking  to the YIP meetup spot at the Cloister Lawn in Fort Tryon Park I met a very young yogini headed to our class.   It was about 75 degrees, clear blue skies, and sunny. The young sage (who must have been about 5 yrs old) said that it was a perfect day for Yoga. Well, so it was perfect until about 11:30AM at which point I wanted to start teaching Reverse Sun Salutations to maybe invite some clouds into our picture perfect Yoga day.  Saturday Yogis, I hope you are enjoying your new tan!

Seriously though, thank you so much to Saturday's Yogis for sharing your amazing spirits in what I would consider a very challenging class (it was created to be thus, but the Sun and heat I think took it up a notch).  Never the less, you all made it through and I hope that you learned something new about yourselves in the process. And thank you for bearing with me and my headache (what is it with YIP teachers and headaches lately?! - hmm will have to look into that).

As for YIP, next time we are scouting out the SHADE at Cloister Lawn; if you insist on placing your mat in the Sun, please wear sunblock. Also, as warmer weather kicks in, so will your sweat, so Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!!!

Finally, the next Yogi of the Week will be coming soon.  Who will it be?  (Actually, since there was non posted for this week, there might be 2 surprises next week!)



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