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Monday, April 19, 2010

Yogi of the Week - Masumi Kishikawa

Recently we caught up with Masumi Kishikawa, a veteran of YIP, last Sunday.  Aside from being a dedicated yogini, Masumi has been an invaluable contributor to the YIP initiative, including designing the ubber cool and cute logo and flyer for YIP displayed here on the blog. She is a graphic desginer with great sensitivity and YIP is very grateful for her lending us her talents. So Masumi, what is your favorite yoga pose?  Wheel, because I feel very stretched and open after I do it.  What is your least favorite yoga pose? Parsvottanasana, because those muscles for me are very tight and I get shaky when I do it.
Why do you like to do yoga outdoors?  I really respect the idea of free yoga class.  It's good for people who never had any yoga experience; it is a great opportunity for the community and I wish to be a part of it.  I also feel so free taking a yoga class on the grass with the smell of flowers! 

Its no surprise that Masumi loves wheel, she has a big open heart!

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